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+ 30 years of experience in the market and 70% of the team working together since the fund manager company was founded in 2010


First movers on Middle market investments in Brazil


Strong relationship with entrepreneurship ecosystem




General Partner, CEO

Carlos Alberto Miranda has a Masters in Business Administration from IBMEC -RJ – where his dissertation was “Competencies of the entrepreneur in a developing organization” -, he also has an MBA in Finance from IBMEC RJ and a degree in Architecture and Urbanism.

Participated in the Kellog Executive Management and Strategy program “Business School of Management” at Northwestern University, Chicago – USA.

During 21 years he worked at Ernst & Young (EY), always in the areas of Corporate Finance and Management and Strategy Consulting. He was a partner of the company, in the Transaction Advisory Services area, from 1998 to 2010, having been Managing Partner of this area for Brazil for 4 years and member of the Advisory Board in South America from 2007 to 2010.

From 2006 to 2010 he was also responsible for the Strategic Growth Markets area in South America, which aimed to assist fast-growing organizations in their transformation towards market leadership. In addition to leading the teams responsible for Management Advisory, M&A, IPO’s and Private Equity funds, he implemented the Entrepreneurship programs in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia and coordinated them between 2006 and 2010. During these years he assisted companies in different segments (public and private) in its growth strategies, having participated in more than a hundred processes of business viability, mergers and acquisitions, strategic consulting, IPO, business valuation, and business integration.

He was a founding partner of BR Opportunities, today X8 Investimentos. Carlos leads the Management team in investment analysis and decisions and also actively participates in the invested companies as an advisor, contributing his knowledge from previous experiences and networking.

Carlos was honored by HSM as one of the 100 Leaders who are changing business in Brazil and, in addition, has the following activities:

• Monitoring Committee of the ABVCAP-ANBIMA Code of Regulation and Best Practices for FIP’s
• ABVCAP Entrepreneurship and Seed Capital Committee
• Endeavor Mentor
• Advisory Board – Anjos do Brasil
• Columnist at PEGN and Portal Endeavor

In addition to authoring several papers, articles and lectures on strategy, “Corporate Finance” and entrepreneurship, he is co-author of the book “Empresas Familiares Brasileiras” organized by Prof. Ives Gandra Martins and columnist for Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios Magazine and Portal Endeavor.




Our CEO has the most names here. Some call him Miranda, others Carlos and he even has Mi, Carlinhos and “Seu” Carlinhos. From a Portuguese family, Carlos became a wine lover, has a wonderful wine cellar and always calls us to have a few glasses at his house.

He is always reinventing himself, an example is his academic training: he has already studied Physics, Architecture, MBA in Finance and Master in Administration.

Carlos also has a passion for running! He has already done the marathon in Paris, New York, Chicago, Londres, Boston, next scheduled is the Tokio marathon. Your goal is to complete all six Majors marathons.


He is married to Gisele (Gi), an HR executive, the two of them never stop together, and in addition to running (also a marathonist), traveling and random adventures, they are involved in a social project focused on the development of girls from the periphery. With three children and a stepdaughter, Carol, Marcello, Lucas and Isabella, Carlos is a dad that you don´t find very often. Caring and concerned, he takes care of all of us like his family too.


He is that exceptional entrepreneur that we talk about here! He is idealizer, dreamer and always makes us believe that we can go further!



General Partner, COO

Eduardo Grytz has a degree in Mechanical Production Engineering from the University of São Paulo, where he graduated with an Honorable Mention. Eduardo also holds a Law degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo and is a CFA Charterholder from the CFA Institute (Charlottesville, Virginia, United States).

Eduardo has 21 years of experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital, having participated in investment processes in more than 30 companies in the stages of Seed Capital and Middle Market in Brazil.

He started his career at BankBoston, in its Trainee program. Acting in Mergers and Acquisitions, he has worked in operations in the Food, Financial, and Real Estate sectors, among others. He was indicated to participate in the Advanced Corporate Finance program, led by Prof. Robert Bruner, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Dean Emeritus at the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia).

He later joined the team of the bank’s global Private Equity and Venture Capital division, with approximately US$ 4 billion in investments in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Participated in the group’s investments in 13 companies, including Telefutura (became part of Tivit, with subsequent IPO at BOVESPA), Microservice, Diagnostics of America (DASA), Cimcorp, and Hypernet (sold to the Spanish group Soluziona / Union Fenoza).

As an entrepreneur, Eduardo founded Performa Investimentos, where he worked directly in the setting up and execution of its two funds, which totaled R$ 202 million in assets under management and 15 investee companies. Some of the prominent companies in the funds are Tecverde, Intelipost, Boa Consulta, Bem.Care, Pro Radis, Mandaê and Ledstar, among others. Performa also made an investment in ACE, the largest project accelerator in Latin America.

Eduardo has participated in the Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystems in Brazil and abroad for many years, with an emphasis on Impact Investments. He was a Board Member of ABVCAP in the 2013/2014 management, and currently participates in the Impact Working Group of ABVCAP and ANDE. Eduardo participated in the 1st SDG Global Forum of the UN Global Compact in Brazil, and in the Low Carbon Business Action program in Brazil, by the European Union. Eduardo is a member of the Board of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), responsible for the Accelerator program in Brazil, in addition to serving as a member of the board of accelerators ACE and Merkaz. He was also a member of the Council of the AWC group (Instituto TIM).

In his community work, Eduardo was Treasurer of Associação Brasileira A Hebraica de São Paulo and member of its Standing Committee on Administration and Finance, in addition to serving as Volunteer Director of the Alef Peretz School in São Paulo.



Edu, as we like to call him here, is our COO.

He is married to Vera, has two children, Isabela and André, who sometimes make him forget about his duties.


He is very fond of adventure sports and traveling, and on one of them ended up being enchanted by Patagonia, where he decided to build a refuge! Yes, it is for friends too...


In addition to traveling, Edu is very fond of reading, photography, cycling, and doing yoga! Except that sometimes the excess of candy can take him a little off the axis, and we lose it from time to time in our meetings... As Edu likes gadgets and likes to read a lot, his electronic reader is super cool. But he's really proud to have read the complete collection of the amazing Pilar Diaries and Harry Potter adventures, which he makes every week with his kids, and which help him keep the Patagonian adventure spirit very fresh!!

Recently Edu decided to bet on Golf, but the number of lost balls are bringing him back to ping-pong...

Edu has a passion for entrepreneurship and finance, and when he met the X8 team was love at first sight!



Operating Partner

Taiza Roso has a degree in Business Administration from Insper, where she graduated with an Honorable Mention. Taiza had part of her studies at Università Luigi Bocconi, in Milan, Italy, with a specialization in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Additionally, she has a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management from FIA and specialization in Mergers, Acquisitions and Due Diligence from FGV Direito SP.

Taiza started her career as an intern at AMBEV, where she was responsible for developing a solution for one of the distribution center’s salesforce by using the PDCA tool and statistical analysis. During this experience, Taiza earned the Green Belt Six Sigma certificate.

In 2012, she joined BR Opportunities, a private equity firm, as an investment analyst, participating not only in the analysis of more than 250 companies but also in the investment process of more than 10 companies. As an associate, she joined one of the firm’s investees, Mãe Terra, where she acted as Head of Finance for more than 5 years. Her main responsibilities were to reorganize the company’s business units, implement the auditing process, balance the company’s capital structure, analyze new and M&A projects. Taiza actively participated in the investment process of Mãe Terra and was responsible, 4 years later, for the exit process of the investee to Unilever Brasil, coordinating the whole M&A process and responsible for the post-acquisition integration between Mãe Terra and Unilever.

After the completion of the integration, Taiza became the Financial Manager for the whole Food business unit at Unilever, where she worked for one year. Participating in all steps of the investment cycle and with more than 10 years of experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital, Taiza is currently responsible for the investment process, value creation, and the manager’s impact agenda.

Taiza is a member of the Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystem in Brazil, participating in the 2030 Committee of ABVCAP. Additionally, she is associated with Insper Angels and she is mentor for entrepreneurs at Insper Entrepreneurship Center (CEMP).



Tá, as we like to call her, is our Operating Partner.

Born in the countryside of São Paulo, she is married with Thi, lives in São Paulo since 2008 and is a mother of our mascot, Theo.


She is one of those who has many hobbies. She likes to bake cakes, loves traveling and has visited almost 50 countries (she even had a travel blog, believe me?).


As the list doesn't stop there, she loves having coffee, chatting and sometimes likes to play influencer on Instagram. She even took circus classes!

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Tá couldn't be different and has been with us since 2011.


Camila moura


Camila Moura is a professional who has embarked on a multidisciplinary journey in the fields of civil engineering and finance. She began her academic journey by obtaining her degree in Civil Engineering, working during her college years in the Planning and Budgeting in Construction for both public and private entities.

Following her graduation, Camila moved to São Paulo to pursue her dream of entering the financial market. Initially, Camila joined a family-run condominium management company and played a key role in structuring the financial department, contributing to the company’s subsequent success. After two years as an FP&A analyst, Camila accepted a new challenge at Aracar, an Argentine-origin fintech launching its operations in Brazil. In addition to assisting the CFO with corporate finance activities, Camila was responsible for Capital Raising, actively participating in the Debt and Equity Series A Round to fund the company’s operations in Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico.

Following her successful tenure at Aracar, Camila took on the role of Operations Analyst at Apex Capital, a renowned Assset Manager. In this capacity, she contributed, among other things, to the continuous improvement of operational routines using VBA.

In addition to her Civil Engineering degree, Camila holds a specialization in finance at Insper and a degree in Business Administration at FGV, and she is currently back to Insper to do the Advanced Finance Program. 

Camila is the newest member of the investment team at X8 Investimentos!




Camila is one of those people who loves to explore São Paulo in search of new flavors. She's the queen of restaurants in the city and is always willing to try new places and different dishes.

Furthermore, when she's not indulging in culinary delights, Camila is all about a healthy lifestyle. If Camila isn't at a restaurant, you'll probably find her at a gym or a functional activity studio, challenging herself and staying in shape.

But Camila's heart truly beats strongest when she's with her family. It's a bit of a challenge, as part of her family is in São Paulo, while the other part is down in Bahia. She juggles to spend time with everyone, and when she finally does, the moments are always full of laughter and love.

With a heart that overflows with love for food, healthy activities, family, and her pets, Camila is one of those people who knows how to savor the best of life and share special moments with her loved ones.





Venture Partner

Daniel Kang has a degree in Business Administration from Insper and a degree in Law from the University of São Paulo (USP).

He started his career at Mirae Asset CTVM’s Trading Desk, where he was responsible for the structuring of fixed and variable income operations, later having experience in M&A and Venture Capital at the Group’s Investment Bank. He participated in an M&A process of one of the largest ice cream companies in Asia for the acquisition of a medium-sized company in Brazil. He participated in the creation of a Venture Capital fund focused on infrastructure and mining in Minas Gerais. He participated in the process of acquiring real estate developments on Av. Paulista and Av. Faria Lima.

He later joined the BR Opportunities team in 2011, initially working as an investment analyst, where he participated in the analysis of more than 250 companies and in the investment process of more than 10 companies. He became an Associate and had the opportunity to join one of the companies invested by BR Opportunities, MDR S.A., where he initially acted as Controller and later as CFO of the group, being responsible for the implementation of system, management, processes and for the Controllership, Accounting, and Treasury team. Daniel was one of the responsible for the merger of the Maremonti and NB Steak Groups (today belonging to the MDR Group).

After his period at MDR, Daniel was responsible for structuring the operation between the Flores Online and Isabela Flores groups, today, Grupo Flora.
He is currently the partner responsible for all financial management and structuring of the Fund Manager, in addition to actively participating in the investment processes.
Daniel is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Grupo MDR, Flores Online, and Home Agent. He is also associated with the Insper Angels.



Dani, as we call him around here, is our Venture Partner.
He is married to Stella, with whom he has 2 children, Andrew and Amy, and just like his wife is the first generation of the Korean family here in Brazil and he has 3 more brothers.


His parents are super entrepreneurs and have had more than 4 companies, they are currently undertaking in the United States.

Much of his time is devoted to his children and wife, together they have visited more than 6 countries and are now visiting the whole of Brazil.


Dani is passionate about sports, especially football, in addition to practicing it in his routine, he also participates in competitions in Brazil and South Korea, and he never denies a good glass of single malt whiskey.

He joined us in 2011 and has been doing business with us ever since!



Venture Partner

Roberto Goldstajn is a lawyer active in the corporate legal segment with over twenty years of career in renowned multinational and national companies.

CExtensive experience in “Compliance”, Corporate Governance and “Legal” projects with a focus on identifying opportunities and mitigating corporate risks.

Ability to build and develop ethical and transparent relationships with different social actors.
Experience as a mentor and independent member of Advisory Boards of Technology Startups, Social Businesses and Civil Society Organizations.

Author of several articles published in specialized media, such as “Executive Risks at Covid 19” (RI Magazine – Ed. 242 – June/2020), “The importance of Compliance” (RI Magazine – Ed. 239 – March/2020 ), “Demystifying the ‘Lobby’ (RI Magazine – Ed. 209 – February/2017), “Reflection of Car Wash in Business” (RI Magazine – Ed. 205 – August/2016), “The Essence of Compliance” (Review RI – Ed. 183 – May/2014, among others Co-author of the books “Tax Aspects of the New Accounting Law” (MP Editora – 1st Edition – 2010), “PIS and COFINS in light of CARF jurisprudence” (MP Editora – 1st Edition – 2011) and “Development Brazil 2035: The country we want” (Editora CRV – 1st Edition – 2020).



Beto, as we like to call him here, is responsible for X8's Risk and Compliance area.

He is married to Priscilla and has a daughter named Fernanda. Together they enjoy outdoor programs and experience new experiences (parks, museums, restaurants, among others).

In addition, Beto enjoys swimming, walking outdoors, chatting with friends and watching movies/series.
As a passionate entrepreneur, he is always ready to collaborate with people's growth through sharing experiences and connections for the greater good.

Beto is proud to be an Ambassador for the NGO Banco de Alimentos, which contributes to combating food loss and waste through urban harvesting projects, education programs and awareness-raising actions.

Together with the X8 team, Beto sees a great opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable society in environmental and social aspects through solid governance.


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