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Organic and health food company


Democratizing healthy food in the country

Mae Terra is a company focused on natural and ready-to-eat products, impacting consumers’ choices to become healthier. Mãe Terra is one of the main health food companies in Brazil and was invested by us in 2013.

Founded in 1979, Mãe Terra, a manufacturer of organic and healthy food , has always relied on the belief that a natural diet made up of wholegrains foods is key to a healthier and more balanced life. In recent years, Mãe Terra has expanded its portfolio beyond natural ingredients – rice, grains, cereals – to granolas, cookies, biscuits and snacks. Mãe Terra showed accelerated growth before and during the investment period and its Net Revenues were quadrupled being 100% sold to Unilever in 2017.


The results achieved by the company during the investment phase were:


  • Revenue growth rate of 35% through actions such as: launching high value-added products and ready-to-eat consumer products,
  • Expansion of sales channels, such as Gol Linhas Aerea and regional market chains;
  • Improvement in the presence in the North, Midwest and South regions
  • Prospecting and opening new customers, restructuring the team, improving operational cycle processes;
  • Increase in the company’s brand awareness.
  • Head of finance indication
  • Exit 100% to Unilever.



Value Creation



“For me, BR Opportunities (today X8 Investimentos) has a unique quality for a PE fund: the maturity to maintain the “necessary space” for the entrepreneur to remain motivated to grow and, at the same time, add value in a “surgical” way when necessary.”

Alexandre Borges, CEO

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