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Tera is an online learning platform for the skills required in the new digital professions that emerged in 2016. Initially following an in-person teaching format, it offered courses in the Upskilling category, focusing on improving professional skills. The company’s inception was driven by the need to bridge the demand gap for technology professionals due to the limited supply in the market. In 2020, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company adapted to the new reality by transitioning to a 100% online course format. Tera began offering courses in programming, data science, design, and digital product management, catering to individuals as well as companies seeking to train their employees.

The company experienced organic and consistent growth, and in 2021, it secured an investment from Arco Educação, a Brazilian group publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange. This investment was earmarked for platform improvements and the development of new courses.

By 2022, Tera had evolved into an edtech with over 16,000 students in its community, more than 300 partner companies, over 200 active experts, an employability rate exceeding 90%, and over 50% of its students experiencing a salary increase within 12 months of course completion.

The company has already been recognized as one of the most promising schools in Latin America by the annual Latam EdTech 100 list by HolonIQ. This list acknowledges edtech startups that are reimagining education access, delivery, and impact throughout the student journey.

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